We shine brighter together.

The GLC for Business Leaders

This is a season of redefining perspective together as an organization—we are not just surviving, we will flourish. Our perspective ultimately influences how we act. Generous Leaderships® is a framework for shaping the foundational beliefs that enable us and our team to unlock our potential to lead others well. The main outcome isn’t to “do more” but to experience personal change through intentional doing.

With everyone working from home, we were looking for ways to do something positive as a team. I like how the Generous Leadership® Challenge focuses on developing leadership capacity by engaging in practical actions. Creating a new way to learn and be together will make us stronger for the future.

--Tyler, Business Owner

STEP 1: Why NOW?

COVID-19 has shaken us. When we are shaken, it's easier to shift the way we understand the world around us. That's good news! You can use this time at home to shift your leadership mindset. The main outcome isn't to "do more" but to experience personal change through intentional doing.

We will use the Generous Leadership® paradigm. Generous Leadership® Is abundantly giving of yourself so that others may be better people who do better work.
It requires us to see through three lenses: seeing yourself as valuable, people as people and your work as sacred.

STEP 2: What’s the CHALLENGE?

Test your leadership ideas, assumptions and skills in small weekly personal experiments you can do at your home and in your neighborhood over the next few months, and compile your reflections to creatively answer the Question Prompt…


How does seeing through the three lenses of Generous Leadership® increase your ability to lead others well?


Weekly Leadership Experiments

Create three weekly leadership experiments, one from each Generous Leadership® lens. You define your goals of what you will do, how often and when. Here are just a few examples*.

See Yourself as Valuable

Treat yourself as valuable, create habits for self-care and mental well-being

  • Create sleep routines
  • Limit screen time or fast from it altogether
  • Eat healthier
  • Take on a gratitude challenge
  • Exercise regularly, go outside
  • Identify and use your strengths
  • Incorporate mindfulness exercises and breathing

See People as People

Treat others with compassion and honor; find why they are similar to you; elevate others. Focus on family, friends, neighbors, co-workers

  • Increase patience, heal conflict
  • Choose to ask questions, not tell
  • Get to know other’ stories, share them with others to inspire
  • Do acts of kindness, big and small
  • Do something for a neighbor or for your neighborhood

See Your Work as Sacred

Identify tasks you do daily (small and big), reflect how your actions impact yourself and others. Reflect, discuss together. Explore "why" and value alignment.

  • Identify a situation in your life where you struggle to be yourself with others. Change your attitude, how you show up or how you do this task so that the situation reflects who you really are
  • Create a compelling future for yourself (what impact do you want to leave?). Define your life’s mission. Take small steps toward your goals today.

*This is just a sample list. Keep going through the Steps.
At the end you are invited to choose from the full list or create your own.


How to Break up the 8 weeks


Stay on track by sharing what you’ve learned in weekly 1-minute reflection videos on social with #GLChallenge. Inspire others to keep going by posting regularly. Discuss your progress together as a team.

STEP 6: Inspire Generous Leadership®

After you’ve completed 5-6 weeks of leadership experiments, review your reflections to creatively answer the GLC Question Prompt. Post your final product using #GLChallenge. Be creative! Consider using: spoken word, poetry, song, visual art, blogs or articles, and/or video storytelling.


How does seeing through the three lenses of Generous Leadership® increase your ability to lead others well?

Keep Your Momentum Going

How might your company look one year from now if your people were given continued opportunities not just to learn something, but to become someone who leads well wherever they are? We have innovative solutions that use experience-based learning, integrated consulting, and well-being programs to elevate your people, culture and bottom line. Contact Tricia for more details.