Ep 12: How to Build an Organizational Culture that Can Weather Major Storms with Anthony Lambatos of Footer’s Catering

“The way you lead flows beyond the walls of your business and into your community.”

What is the foundation that prepares a business to withstand intense challenge? Anthony Lambatos believed it was a strong culture based on loving people well and has spent years building the culture at Footer’s Catering to be an award-winning Best Workplace. When the COVID pandemic hit, Anthony’s hypothesis was tested. Anthony shares his learnings and wisdom that you can apply to your organization, and even your family, in this episode of The Generous Leadership® Podcast.

Shownotes and Takeaways:

  • How Anthony Lambatos is leading his hospitality business through the dramatic decline and change in business due to the COVID pandemic.
  • Culture is not about the distractions from work, but creating a place where people love the actual work that they do.
  • The practical ways that Footer’s Catering took care of their employees and continued to take care of their furloughed employees during the pandemic.
  • What leading with generosity can look like in the midst of a time of scarcity.
  • The MIBE Tribe principles for replicating strong culture that all organizations can use.
  • Practical methods and tools that facilitate an environment of knowing each other and being known.
  • When you are doing something for someone else is it because you want to earn their appreciation, loyalty or favors in the future or do you do something because it’s the right thing to do for another person, with no intent to receive something back?