“True love [is] where you have deep concern for another person and your response is sacrificial.”

Knowing the full story requires us to see from various perspectives. In this Generous Leadership® Podcast Tricia Halsey asks police Chief Terry Jones what it’s like to be in law enforcement right now and his perspective of what it will take to come together. Terry Jones was the Deputy Chief of Aurora during the Aurora Theatre Shooting in 2012. Through his stories and perspective he describes the motive behind why police officers run toward the danger, not away.


  • How Terry turned around a police department through empowering people, flattening organizational communication and listening well.
  • A firsthand account from the Deputy Chief of Police to the Aurora Theatre Shooting in 2012.
  • Stories of unity and the kindness of the community after the tragedy for one another and the police officers.
  • Empathy gives us perspective so that we can suspend judgment until we better understand.
  • What is it like to be a police officer today?
  • How do you continue to love people and do the right thing when you are misunderstood or when people try to hurt you?
  • Suspend emotion so that we can discover both sides of the story first before making an educated decision.

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  • “People don’t work for me; they work with me.”
  • “There’s more good than there is bad.”
  • “You’re dealing with the human side of things. That’s what law enforcement is all about.”
  • “Cops run toward the gunfire, not away from it. Well, it’s true. But I suppose it’s because of love for human beings that they do it.”
  • “True love [is] where you have deep concern for another person and your response is sacrificial.”
  • “There is a lot of offense that comes at people all of the time and how we respond says everything about who we are and the type of leader we can be to others.”
  • “If you throw too much emotion into the analysis of an event you aren’t going to come to the right answers as to what happened.”