“It’s in the mess where the magic happens. So how do we have these messy conversations, and talk about what’s going on and create solutions that may not be one-size-fits all anymore.”

There is growing concern among parents about how they will be able to work and parent children who are at home learning at the same time. Stacy Taubman, is a CEO who is thinking outside of the one-size-fits-all standards to come up with pioneering solutions to address this mounting concern, and ultimately, to make her culture and business stronger. Listen as she shares about her new solutions and gives advice to other leaders who are looking to extend grace to parents who will need it in the coming months.

Image of Stacy Taubman who is the Founder/CEO of RISE Collaborative, a company that is changing the way women do business.

Stacy Taubman is the Founder/CEO of RISE Collaborative, a company that is changing the way women do business. RISE Collaborative Workspace has been featured in publications including NBC News, USA Today, Bloomberg, St. Louis Business Journal, and ELLE Magazine as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar coworking industry.

Since opening in February 2017, RISE Collaborative’s growing membership includes 400 of some of the most impressive businesswomen in St. Louis and Denver. Dozens of members have reported business growth of 150% or more since joining RISE Collaborative, a true testament to the impact of women supporting women.

Focused on empowering women in business and building social capital, Stacy and RISE Collaborative create meaningful connections between individuals, companies and organizations to foster a stronger and healthier business community for women in St. Louis and Denver.

Stacy is also Co-Founder/Co-President of RISE Society, the 501c3 arm of RISE Collaborative, which provides programming, mentorships, and scholarships to help women of all ages tap into a powerful pipeline for success. Through RISE Society and speaking to aspiring female leaders and businesswomen here in St. Louis, Stacy is actively investing in the next generation of smart, strong, successful women in St. Louis.


  • The integrated approach of RISE Collaborative is to forge deep community through intentional space, training, relationship building and giving back
  • Listening to learn perspective to come up with relevant solutions for your employees
  • How companies can respond to the needs of employees who are struggling to care for their children’s education right now due to school closures
  • How to think creatively with your business model and resources to make it possible to take care of your employees in the ways they need
  • The boundaries between work and home have been blurred more now than ever before.
  • How can we give our people grace and space to talk about their needs?
  • Taking the risk to lead through the gray because the “black and white” is not where optimization is found.

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  • “What fills me up and what keeps me going is when I know I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and helped them on their path to success.”
  • “You can’t be what you can’t see.”
  • “The problem is, when you don’t have access to those people, you don’t even realize what is possible. So I think it’s really important, whether it’s a teen girl or professional women, to give them access and exposure to what’s possible.”
  • “When you build that muscle of, ‘I don’t always have the right answer, but the people around me do and I want to hear from them,’ I think that changes the way you operate as a leader.”
  • “As business leaders, what we need to think about is how do we create grace to our people.”
  • “Perhaps a different kind of investment in a different kind of way could unleash a different kind of future that we never thought was possible.”