Ep 5: Creating Relationships, Empathy, and a Safe Place for Students to Empower Generous Leadership® with Niki Roebuck

“We need to see our students as people not as units.”

The most important element in learning is not the curriculum and content of a subject, but rather the way a teacher coaches and connects with their students to create safe places where students can connect their head and heart to their work. Navigating a new course for education is more important than ever before. If you’re a teacher or a parent – or even if you aren’t – you will learn so much from our guest Niki Roebuck on this episode of the Generous Leadership® podcast.


  • Practical ways teachers can create relationship-centered, student-first classrooms.
  • How having a simple conversation with a student – one that connects to who they are and what they are feeling – can result in higher student buy-in, engagement, and long-term learning.
  • Generous Leadership® provides a simple framework to create a safe place for every student to let down their guard and accomplish authentic work that forms the skills they will need in life after graduation.
  • In the midst of remote and blended learning contexts, the Generous Leadership® Challenge increases student agency and success.