“Shift your worldview to become the leader that is already inside of you.”

Failure is a part of Generous Leadership®. It’s what enables us to connect and to grow. Join our guest @KristenJordeth, a leader who embraces authentic connection, as she shares her personal experience using the Generous Leadership® Challenge.


  • For Kristen Jordeth leadership is not about power, but about passion, caring, purpose, and connecting to values.
  • When you are your true, authentic self, you can’t help but lead successfully.
  • Kristen Jordeth shares how she implemented the Generous Leadership® Challenge and inspired creativity and some deep conversations with her three-year-old daughter and at work.
  • Examples of how to be a generous leader within your family and ways to engage in “intentional doing.”
  • When you wipe the slate clean, when you challenge yourself to shift the way you see things, you become a better leader and more of who you were meant to be.