What does love have to do with where we find ourselves today? “Love is what will shift things. Love costs something. Love is not about personal gain. Pure love means I will do the best thing for you even if it means I won’t get anything in return.” Torrence Jackson tackles hard questions and models for leaders what it sounds like to struggle, choose the path less taken, and overcome on this edition of the Generous Leadership® podcast with host Tricia Halsey.


  • Torrence Jackson shares the experience of growing up as an African American man in many different neighborhoods and contexts, and how they all shaped him into the leader he is today—someone who chooses love first.
  • “What is love?”
  • The importance of coming together as a community in order to see and “free” each other.
  • Why does “love win?” Torrence Jackson tells a powerful and emotionally charged story that exemplifies the power of love to shift the trajectory of people and situations.
  • How do we process the experiences that shape us, how do we become comfortable with who we truly are?
  • As humans, connected and living alongside each other, we must learn how to sit with each other’s pain.
  • Being able to empathize and lead others begins first with understanding our own pain, thinking and identity.
  • What is the role of self in loving others? How your “self” can get in the way and what to do about it.