Ep 8: Learning to Follow Makes Us Better Leaders (A Millennial Perspective) with Guests Thomas Smith and Sammy Ibala

“Generous leaders are the ones that see and can call forth the potential in others.”

360° leadership is about empowerment and education. Sometimes where we’ve been is where other people currently are; how can leaders lean in and share that perspective and their experiences in order to inspire others. Listen in to this conversation with guests Thomas Smith and Sammy Ibala and host Tricia Halsey on the Generous Leadership® podcast to learn more.


  • Challenging the way we see and “do” leadership as seen through the eyes of two young millennial leaders.
  • What does it mean when we say that the best leaders are the best followers?
  • Leadership is not a power dynamic; it is about handing over the reins to others.
  • Reflections on personal leadership growth, and their most formative lessons along the way, from a young 20-something’s perspective
  • Practical implementation of the Generous Leadership® Challenge, examples of how Thomas and Sammy were intentional to grow
  • To learn more about the Generous Leadership® Challenge: www.generousleadership.org