Tricia Halsey

Tricia is the thought leader behind Generous Leadership®, the designer of the Generous Leadership® Challenge and the founder of Big Idea Project®, a non-profit that uses her methods to unleash the potential of students and change “school as usual” in classrooms in Colorado and beyond.

Tricia’s leadership has made Big Idea Project a leader in project-based social-emotional learning that consistently achieves unprecedented results with more than 80-90% of participating students showing personal growth in major SEL and workforce readiness indicators. Her admiration for educators has positioned Big Idea Project as a high-value partner to schools, freeing up world-class teachers and administrators to maximize their impact and remain doing the work they love.

Passionate about seeing people, schools and companies flourish, Tricia is an entrepreneur who integrates systems-level insight with bigger-than-life vision to get results. Her teams and those around her would say she lives what she teaches.

Tricia has a background in both for-profit and non-profit leadership, program development, organizational change, and strategic growth. She has an M.A. in Leadership from Denver Seminary and an undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University. Go Waves!

She is the host of the Generous Leadership® podcast, a forum where her guests share their journeys toward empathic and heart-centric leadership and how they have incorporated the Generous Leadership® Challenge into their lives, their workplaces, and even within their families. You can listen to all episodes here.

In all that she does, she points to her husband Bryan and two boys, Noah and Micah, as her never-ending source of encouragement and energy.

For speaking engagements or consultation in businesses or schools, contact her here: