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For leaders, seekers, and those actively creating community, the Generous Leadership® Podcast explores what it means to abundantly give of yourself and to lead through positivity. Host Tricia Halsey, entrepreneur and founder, and her guests share how they have experienced change and guided others by leading generously. Join us as we come together, connect, and work to shift the narrative of what is at the heart of true leadership.

Ep 20 (Season 1 Finale): How Transformative Influence Can Change Lives with Turn-Around CEO Walt Rakowich

“Leaders must do the right thing even if it’s hard, really for the sake of others. They just must.”

Ep 18: A Forerunner for a Generation, and How His Parents Raised Him with Christian Dykson and Parents Lindie and Dirk

“When you are so confident that you are loved and liked by your parents, you can pour into other people.”

Ep 17: A Business Response to the Current Concerns of Professionals: the Education of their Children

“It’s in the mess where the magic happens. So how do we have these messy conversations, and talk about what’s going on and create solutions that may not be one-size-fits all anymore.”

Ep 16: The Hard Side of Leadership: How to Silence Fear and Doubt in Order to Navigate Contradictory Truths and Challenging Times

“At some level all of us in the positions we’re in have to really wrestle with that painful dark side [of leadership].”

Ep 15: An Israeli Perspective of How to “Break Distance” to Lead Others with Vulnerability to Fulfill Personal Calling

“Discovering who you are and what you are meant to do is a journey, an adventure.”

Ep 14: Your Role in Shaping Our Nation’s Future Through the System of Systems: Education

“You get to transfer all that you’ve become and all that you’ve learned to them, so that their starting line is far further ahead than yours was. That’s a legacy that far outlasts fame and money and success because your leadership lives on in the life of another.”

Ep 13: Running Toward the Danger: A Chief of Police’s Perspective on Responding to Tragedy and Hate

“True love [is] where you have deep concern for another person and your response is sacrificial.”

Ep 12: How to Build an Organizational Culture that Can Weather Major Storms with Anthony Lambatos of Footer's Catering

“The way you lead flows beyond the walls of your business and into your community.”

Ep 11: From Tragedy to Hope: How to Build a Lasting Culture Where All People Feel Part of Something Bigger Than Themselves with Frank DeAngelis

“Bring you’re ‘A’ game every single day because you never know who you are going to impact today.”

Ep 10: Reflections on Unity, Offense, and Building Bridges

“We have the responsibility to be shepherding leaders.”

Ep 9: Embracing the Humility to Grow with Jason Pfaff of the Kitchen Showcase

Leadership isn’t about perfection, it’s about being real and being able to humbly learn from one another.

Ep 8: Learning to Follow Makes Us Better Leaders (A Millennial Perspective) with Guests Thomas Smith and Sammy Ibala

360° leadership is about empowerment and education. Sometimes where we’ve been is where other people currently are; how can leaders...

Ep 7: What’s Possible When We Lead From a Place of Love (Not Power) with Guest Torrence Jackson

“Love is what will shift things. Love costs something. Love is not about personal gain. Pure love means I will do the best thing for you even if it means I won’t get anything in return.”

Ep 6: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to be With Guest Kristen Jordeth

Failure is a part of Generous Leadership®. It’s what enables us to connect and to grow. Join our guest @KristenJordeth, a leader who embraces authentic connection, as she shares her personal experience using the Generous Leadership® Challenge.

Ep 5: Creating Relationships, Empathy, and a Safe Place for Students to Empower Generous Leadership® with Niki Roebuck

The most important element in learning is not the curriculum and content of a subject, but rather the way a teacher coaches and connects with their students to create safe places where students can connect their head and heart to their work.

Ep 4: Living a Legacy of Leadership with Lori Jones of Avocet Communications

Sometimes our fears get in the way of our ability to lead generously. But making tough decisions is part of Generous Leadership®. Learn more on this episode with my guest Lori Jones of Avocet Communications.

Ep 3: The Generous Leadership® Challenge: An Invitation to Become a Better Version of Yourself

We are much more likely to grow when we are challenged, and it is during storms that character is forged and paradigms shift. I outline the Generous Leadership® Challenge on my latest podcast episode.

Ep 2: The Paradigm Shift to Heart-Level Leadership that Will Change the World

What are the root beliefs that we have that influence how we behave? Harnessing purposeful actions can bring about belief changes that ultimately impact how we lead. I share my thoughts on this episode of the Generous Leadership® podcast. 

Ep 1: Defining Generous Leadership and the New Paradigm of Empowerment

Becoming a leader people trust is at the very heart of effective leadership. I discuss what it means to empower others and to truly and abundantly give of yourself so that others may be better people who do better work on the premiere episode of the Generous Leadership® podcast.