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    Miami, Florida, USA

    Our family is so much closer due to this program. Thank you.

    Brandon S.

    Berthoud, CO, USA

    This is very cool.

    L. Jones

    Erie, CO, USA

    We have implemented the GL Challenge as a family and through our business. We are loving the individual and professional growth. Thank you!

    Eric Most

    Colorado Springs , Co , USA

    Love teaching Generous Leadership to our boys! Age 4 and 7. For me to grow in Generous Leadership.

    Ivy Bonk

    Laurel, Delaware, USA

    What is better than leading generously, but leading generously together.

    John James

    Wichita, KS, USA

    We are growing as a family! Thank you for inspiring us.


    Derry, N. Ireland, UK

    There is so much sadness right now. This is helping us isolate positivity!

    Scott L

    Chicago , Illinois , USA

    This is making a profound difference with our teenage boys! Thank you GLC.


    Longmont , CO, USA

    Loving this!!! 😀

    Liz M.

    Phoenix , AZ, USA

    Thank you for bringing this concept to the world. Working through this challenge brightens up my day!

    Kathy S.

    Bozeman, MT, USA

    Just started! I'm so excited to take this challenge with my family. 🙂

    Scott J

    Denver, CO, USA

    This is cool. Trying to lead people remotely right now is tough. This has brought the team together in a very positive way. Thank you, GLC!

    Ginny Baxter

    Rockford, Illinois, USA

    I am a retired educator and love this idea. I am isolated in my home right now and will implement this on my own.

    Terri S.

    Roseville, CA, USA

    I have used this challenge with my students and it is increasing peer comradery! What a fabulous program. Thank you!


    Durham, NC, USA

    I've been using this challenge to help me hone my leadership skills by intently doing.

    Tammy Jefferson

    Denver, CO, USA

    My family has enjoyed this so much! I've gotten to know my kids better and we've talked more and shared more.

    Lynette Wyman

    Louisville, Colorado, USA

    The Challenge helps us come together even though we're working remotely. I feel like I know my team just a little bit better!

    Susan Franken

    Marietta, GA, USA

    As a teacher, this is such a great way to engage my students and empower them to really participate in the curriculum.

    Kevin B.

    Gainesville, FL, USA

    I've been using this challenge to become a better father. My focus has been getting good sleep and practicing patience. Love it!


    Saint Paul, MN, USA

    I've got my whole team taking this challenge! We've already seen positive change, and it's only been a week.